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Centre de Valorisation Énergétique de déchets ménagers - Bakou

The implantation site is located in the Asheron Peninsula a few kilometers away from Baku, in a relatively flat environment. Considering the importance of the volumes imposed by the process, the project inserted into a landscape with horizontal dominant, needs a fine architectural design and volumetry. We have imagined an architectural project that gives off a strong image with pure lines, appropriate to landscape scale.

A formal, compact and homogeneous building, as an expression of modernity. A dynamic architectural form reflecting the technological performance. In these endless lines landscape, we have proposed a pure form, with a curved volumetry, where Process is closest wrapped into a homogeneous skin.

The operating sector, its departments and technical premises are combined under the same skin. The outside volumes of air-cooled condensers hang on the Plant North façade staying hidden from the main highway. The plane-parallel block of Administration comes to graft as a signal to the main west facing façade. The chimney is scarcely visible as integrated into the Plant.

Façade materials contribute to modernity and quality of the project. Their diversity, texture and colorful nuance are chosen in reference to local traditional architecture and in harmony with the surrounding landscape.



Maîtrise d'ouvrage           




Coût Génie civil

Bakou, République d'Azerbaïdjan

Lauréat concours 2009 - Livraison 2013

République d'Azerbaïdjan

Concepteur - Constructeur - Exploitant : CNIM ; Équipe : CNIM - USTAY - ARCHITRAV
Bâtiments de traitement des déchets, bâtiment de bureaux et locaux sociaux, circuit de visite, aménagement paysager

500 000 T/an 

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